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Updated 29/1/2021

Well, here we are, still, in full lockdown which includes the total shut down of gyms and exercise classes.

Since 4th January, Spectrum simply returned to the pre-Christmas online training format so it remains very much business-as-usual. I know that my students and I genuinely cant wait to return to in-person classes once the restrictions lift and once everyone is vaccinated. August seems the most likely return-to-normal-life date, with the vaccine rollout for all adults expected to completed in July. If the stats reduce substantially before then, and Government policy changes, we will make the right decision at that time depending on how reassured I am that we will all remain safe, which is my number one priority, for my students, their families and my own.

But it's worth mentioning that we aren't just sitting around waiting for things to improve!

While the Skype sessions continue, complete with circuit homework to keep students in shape until we can get back to it in person, the home private Studio is looking awesome - having completed a full refurbishment during January. This will be available for use as soon as legally allowed, however I will continue to run my Skype individual and group sessions from this space. Please follow the Spectrum Classical Kung Fu social media pages for an insight into how it's all looking.

With regards to group sessions, I am regularly in touch with Dean Close to accommodate either smaller groups if and when the time comes, or return in full (+ a new extra 1 hour slot for beginners). More details will be posted in due course.

I remain confident that we will all be back to normal, training at Dean Close (indoors and outdoors as per normal!) and with in-person 1-2-1 sessions in the private studio by Summer 2021.

If you are interested in training with me (online initially), please contact me on 07554410494 and we can talk through the options (beginners and more advanced always welcome).

Believe me, virtual training is not the easy option, Kung Fu remains challenging, and fitness testing, whether in-person or online, so now is the time to join to get up to speed ready for Summer group classes to start again.

Say safe, Sifu

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