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Virtual training is not the easy option!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Spectrum has continued to work virtually throughout the lockdown, something which I and all my students should be immensely proud of. This means that we are set to return stronger and hit the ground running with private 1-2-1 sessions once this final lockdown lifts and - hopefully - most of us would have had our vaccinations by June. Not long to go after a very long year!

While the Skype sessions continue, the home private Studio is looking awesome having completed a full refurbishment during January and I look forward to welcoming new and existing clients to this space very soon. I continue to run my Skype individual and group sessions from this space. Please follow the Spectrum Classical Kung Fu social media pages (Facebook here) for an insight into how it's all looking.

If you are interested in training with me (online initially), please contact me on 07554410494 and we can talk through the options (beginners and more advanced always welcome). I now offer to arrange a 15 minute Skype call with anyone interested in joining the club, so that we can meet in person and I can show you the Spectrum set up - from Skype to formats to studio.

Believe me, virtual training is not the easy option, Kung Fu remains challenging, and fitness testing, whether in-person or online! If you want to get a head start on your fitness and/or martial arts, get in touch. Sifu

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