Group classes reopening w/c 7th September


Group classes will be back on w/c 7th September, normal days and times. Indoor sports have been permitted since July, but Spectrum's reopening was delayed to see how the lockdown easing affected the area, and ensure the safety of my students. We will be returning to a safe environment at Dean Close Sports Centre which is adhering to any changing Government requirements. Not only is this regularly sanitised, but we also have the outdoor space if the weather is good, so I'm excited to get back to it.

I will update you if anything changes, but the only requirement from you is to bring own (full) bottle of water for now, and leave as much as possible in your car. I will of course be providing sanitizing hand gel, and kit wiped down before and after use. The Government does not require that you wear a mask in this environment, but if you would prefer to wear one, please feel free to do so.

As a reminder, please note that once classes re-open, the temporary virtual options will end for all group classes. If you would prefer to remain fully virtual, private lessons will remain available online.


Many of you are back training in the room in person now, making the most of the new set up and 1-2-1 energy.

I've really enjoyed getting a sense of normality, and that has been teamed with positive energy and feedback from those back in the room, eager to get back to training in person.

It's been great to hear how the online 1-2-1 sessions have been invaluable during lockdown. Virtual 1-2-1 private lessons are set to continue alongside in-person sessions, which makes it easier for some living/working further afield, or even if you are displaying any mild symptoms.


As a reminder, in the event of a second wave, we will simply return to our original, previously agreed online-only sessions for both private lessons and group classes, hopefully for a short period of time, before reverting back to normal.

I look forward to seeing you in person soon! Sifu

NB: Although the risk is extremely low in our area, to protect the club and follow guidelines, please do not attend sessions in person if you are unwell or displaying any COVID-19 type symptoms.

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