PRIVATE LESSONS: Some good news! Private 1-2-1 sessions will restart in my personal studio on MONDAY 3RD AUGUST. Please note that students will need to bring their own boxing gloves and mitts if this forms part of your usual lesson. I will be wearing a mask so please feel free to do so yourself if you wish. The 1m+ distance rule will be observed until lifted. For those who prefer to continue with online Skype private sessions, I completely understand and can assure you that these will continue INDEFINITELY to suit you (and of course my new online-only students).

Beginner students are still welcome to join Spectrum via private lessons, with the option of virtual or in-person sessions.

NB: Please do not attend in person if you are unwell or displaying any COVID-19 type symptoms. It is easier to revert to a virtual session than it is to recover from COVID-19.

GROUP CLASSES: I am in regular contact with Dean Close Sports Centre and group classes will restart once they complete their Health and Safety Assessment and schedule cleaning times between classes. Therefore, group classes are likely to commence from September to ensure the safety of my students. More information as soon as I have it. At this point virtual options will end for all group classes. SECOND WAVE CONTINGENCY: In the event of a second wave, we will simply return to our original, previously agreed online-only sessions for both private lessons and group classes, hopefully for a short period of time, before reverting back to normal. We're nearly there now, so start getting focused on some at-home training, and I very much look forward to taking this to the next level over the coming months! Sifu


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