Limited Spectrum Stock Available!

It seemed like only yesterday we were inundated with boxes of Spectrum merch, but now we're down to just one table!

If you are looking to get your hands on some new winter training gear now that classes are back on and going strong, now is the time to take a look at to find out how to order and check measurements etc.

The Dri-Fit Vests are awesome and keep the body cool and dry as a base layer during the winter - hopefully underneath your Spectrum Hoodie or Long Sleeve TShirt! I have had more requests for Hoodies and T-Shirts and I will keep you posted on when I will be ordering new stock, but to manage expectations it is unlikely to be before June 2021 due to COVID.

Current stock list (as of 26/9):

  • Embroidered Hoodies - £25 - 1 x Small, 2 x Medium, 2 x XL

  • Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirts - £15 - 1 x Medium, 4 x Large

  • Embroidered T-Shirt - £12 - 1 x Medium Size only

  • Dri-Fit Training Vest - £10 - 6 x Medium, 2 x Large

  • Cotton Training Vest - £8 - 2 x XX Large only

First come first served.



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