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2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger (officially starting 1st Feb!) - symbol of strength, courage, commitment - and quick reactions. So let's get started!

Welcome back to existing students - and welcome to those who are new to the club in 2022. There are no plans to cancel any classes in 2022 as thankfully Omicron appears to be mild, teamed with our jabs are doing their thing.

So, to confirm the 2022 timetable remains as:

  • Monday to Friday - private tuition slots available in person in Bishops Cleeve or virtually. Please contact me if you are interested - new timeslots released for 2022.

  • Tuesday 8 - 10pm - Hung Gar Syllabus Class at Dean Close Sports Centre.

  • Wednesday 6 - 7pm - Beginners Class at Dean Close Sports Centre.

  • Wednesday 7 - 9pm - Advanced 'Closed Door' Session at Dean Close Sports Centre.

The usual stuff:

  • Please ensure your standing orders are set up for 2022 so that you don't miss any training.

  • Club t-shirts are available to purchase for just £12.

  • Please ensure that you get your booster jab, it keeps you and our other members safe.

  • If you are unwell, please DO NOT attend. You will be sent home if you arrive with the lurgy.

It's disappointing to have missed another Christmas get together due to COVID, however I'm keen to ensure we all get together once the current restrictions have eased, especially now that we have so many new members!

Look forward to seeing you this week, or if you are interested in starting Kung Fu in 2022, just get in touch.


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