"I've trained with Sifu McGeough for almost 15 years and I can truly say that the kung-fu he's taught has benefited me in all aspects of my life: discipline, fitness, focus, confidence...


"Sifu McGeough doesn't just articulate the fighting aspects of his deep kung-fu knowledge, but also the theory and principle behind the many styles he's mastered, allowing students a depth of learning I've not encountered anywhere else."

- Tom Goodwin 

"From my very first session with Lee two years ago I have vastly improved my cardiovascular, balance, strength and flexibility during my Kung Fu training.


"Each session has been carefully adapted and adjusted to meet the thorough requirements of the discipline, whilst insuring diversity and for me to develop personal interests or difficulties. I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work he has put into our sessions."

- Matt Raeburn

"I imagine teaching the complexities of classical kung fu is not an easy task but Lee manages to provide clarity and context into his teachings as well as remaining very down to earth and relatable person which makes learning from him a very enjoyable process. 

"As a teacher Lee has always got time for his students, he manages to do this all while keeping on top of his own personal kung fu training and working on other Spectrum projects without ever sacrificing his students experience. His direction and vision for Spectrum is clear and I cannot wait to see what new heights he achieves next."

- Stefan Harkins

"I have trained with Sifu McGeough for many years in classes and as a private student. He is an exceptional teacher who understands his students and helps you get to grips with learning kung fu. His depth of knowledge of kung fu and combat  are vast,  matched with breathtaking skill. I enjoy every lesson and am glad he is my teacher."

- Matthew Habgood

“I would definitely recommend Kung Fu to others as it is so beneficial for health and fitness, including increasing strength and stamina while improving flexibility and balance.  Setting yourself goals leads to a strong will, determination and greater perseverance. It’s great for the mind - learning Kung Fu helps to keep me going when daily life feels tough.

“I find Sifu’s enthusiasm infectious, and I am inspired by everything he does. He treats everyone as an individual, providing useful, constructive feedback, and showing he values and cares about his students and their martial arts progress and journey.”

- Holly Prince

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. That is Spectrum Kung Fu. I have been studying and training with Spectrum and my knowledge and confidence has grown stronger in time."

- Jeremy Price

"Lee has been my Sifu for around 4 years now. I came to him with no fighting knowledge or martial arts experience. I'm learning new things about my myself and my kung fu on an almost daily basis! 

"I consider myself to be very fortunate that I have such an excellent teacher to help and guide me on my journey."

- Anon

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