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  • Students required to complete a liability waiver (provided at your first session).

  • We don't charge a membership fee, but do expect students to wear a club t-shirt in group classes (£12). 

  • We only accept students aged 16+ due to the complexities of learning Kung Fu and commitment required. 

  • Membership requires ongoing commitment via a regular standing order payment. 

  • Important: Regular payment applies whether you choose to train or not as your time slot has been purchased by you, reserved for you, and cannot be filled by others.

Timetable 2023


Lee McGeough remains as one of the most advanced Kung Fu Masters in the UK.

Sifu Lee McGeough has over 30 years experience as martial artist, and teaching classical Kung Fu on a full-time basis since 1997. 

Sifu has gained various achievement accolades:

  • Chinese Forms World Champion

  • Kyoshu British Kung Fu Champion​

  • Kyoshu National two-time Gold Medal winner

  • Inducted into the WUMA Hall of Fame.

Sifu Lee runs his Spectrum Classical Kung Fu Association from Monday to Friday, primarily on a bespoke 1-2-1 basis, in addition to several evening group classes and occasional focus seminar.


Spectrum is an accumulation of his knowledge, martial arts skills, styles, theory, principles and application, combined with classes, seminars and private sessions to suit absolute beginners, to professional athletes, and seasoned martial artists. 

Sifu Lee is experienced in: 

  • Hung Gar Kuen 

  • Wing Chun 

  • Bak Mei 

  • Chang Chaun Long Fist 

  • Sanshou/Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) 

  • Boxing 

  • Northern Dragon 

  • Lei Gar 

  • Northern Praying Mantis 

  • Eagle Claw 

  • Chin Na Grappling/Wrestling/Joint Manipulation 

  • Five Animals 

  • Nan Chaun Fist 

  • Shaolin 12 Road 

  • Yang Style Tai Chi 

  • Chi Gong 

  • Other hand to hand styles. 

Plus weapons such as: Broadsword, Corn Leaf Sabre, Wudan Gim, Butterfly Knives, Fan, Spear, Staff, Nan Dao, Pole and Three Section Staff among others.


Sifu Lee teaches complete beginners, and more experienced martial artists looking for a new system. 


For a no-obligation, friendly discussion about your specific requirements or to find out more about Sifu Lee's lineage or tuition available, get in touch:


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube



All syllabus classes run from our indoor and outdoor group class training facility at Dean Close Sports Centre, Sherbourne Road, Cheltenham. 

Free, unlimited parking is available on Shelbourne Road. Enter the double gates and the centre is directly ahead. Classes are held at the top of the stairs, and into the Studio on the left. The centre is also easily accessible via the 'D' bus.




​All private lessons are available via a bespoke home studio environment in walking distance of Cheltenham town centre, or conducted virtually directly from the studio via Skype.This flexibility is ideal for clients who prefer in-person 1-2-1 training, or an online option, or mix of both in-person and online lessons. Free 2-hour on-road parking is available nearby. 

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“Really enjoyed the grappling seminar! Thank you for holding this Chin Na seminar, as a experienced martial artist, I still learnt a lot of new holds and locking techniques, that I now feel confident to use, but feeling a bit sore though." 

"Lee has been my Sifu for around 6 years now. I came to him with no fighting knowledge or martial arts experience. I'm learning new things about my myself and my kung fu on an almost daily basis! ”

“Loved the grappling and the whole session. It is a part of Kung Fu that I'd like to learn more about and Lee McGeough made it interesting and accessible. Top stuff!" 

“I really enjoyed the Chin Na seminar it was great to see that grappling lives everywhere in kung fu you just have to look for it and having such a skilful and knowledgeable master helps. Sifu put this seminar together really well! I have learnt a lot from it and look forward to the next one. I recommend anyone to get involved if you want to gain more confidence with being able to fight on the ground ." 

“Sifu McGeough doesn't just articulate the fighting aspects of his deep kung fu knowledge, but also the theory and principle behind the many styles he's mastered, allowing students a depth of learning I've not encountered anywhere else." 

“Sifu McGeough is an exceptional teacher. His  depth of knowledge of kung fu and combat are vast, matched with breathtaking skill. I enjoy every lesson!" 

“Each session has been carefully adapted and adjusted to meet the thorough requirements of the discipline, whilst ensuring diversity - and for me to develop personal interests or overcome difficulties. I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work he has put into our sessions." 

“I find Sifu’s enthusiasm infectious, and I am inspired by everything he does. He treats everyone as an individual, providing useful, constructive feedback, and showing he values and cares about his students and their martial arts progress and journey.”

"I imagine teaching the complexities of classical kung fu is not an easy task but Sifu manages to provide clarity and context into his teachings as well as remaining very down to earth and relatable person which makes learning from him a very enjoyable process."

“I’m really grateful as a beginner I was able to take part in Chin Na seminar Sifu Lee McGeough open new dimension and aspects of Kung Fu for me. Lots of unreachable, precise information given in a transparent way. It is lot’s of influence Kung fu in Chin Na and Chin Na in Kung fu.Top Quality" 

5 Star Google Review_edited.png


Sifu Lee also works in film and television as a fight/action choreographer, and on-screen performer, also producing two short action films under his own Spectrum Fight and Film production company banner.


Both films, Defector and Chinatown London, enjoyed Official Selection in several independent film festivals, including LA and Las Vegas. 


Sifu Lee also performed in animated form via the pitch episode for Transformers: Cyberverse and TV series Gods Gang. 

Contact Lee directly if you are interested in hiring his services for film or TV choreography and creative input. 



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