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New home, extra classes, new timetable...

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I'm very pleased to confirm that, as of the 14th May 2019, Spectrum Classical Kung Fu will have a new home. All classes and seminars will now be run under the same roof at the larger, very private, and state of the art Dean Close Sports Centre, Cheltenham.

To facilitate this handover, please note that there will be no classes w/c 6th May, but be ready to bring your A-Game when we reopen on the 14th May in our stunning new facility.

The Hung Gar Advanced syllabus class will now be running from 8pm - 10pm on Tuesday evenings, starting 14th May. This class incorporates Tiger and Crane, I-Shape, Iron Wire, Wooden Man, plus advanced Ten, Five and Three Pattern, with the added bonus of Bak Mei being introduced to my system. This is an advanced session open to any students who have previous Kung Fu experience.

The new Shaolin Five Animals and Weapons class will open on Wednesday 15th May, 7pm - 8pm. Advanced students will focus on Five Animals application, principles and sparring. Beginner students are very welcome and will start with basic drills, progressing to Tiger Claw as their first traditional form, working separately with me and my assistant. Weapons training will be held for advanced students only, in a separate section of the room.

Closed Door Advanced sessions will now take place 8pm - 10pm on Wednesday evenings. This session is strictly invite-only.

All classes will offer both the option of indoor and outdoor training, incorporating many different Kung Fu training methods including forms, applications, principles, circuit conditioning and sparring etc.

I would like all of you to know that my door is always open to anyone who would like to train at my school. One of my biggest passions is teaching, whether beginners or advanced. My goal is to inspire anyone with a passion for martial arts training, whatever their level or ability. Don't be put off by the 'advanced' sessions outlined above, this is due to teaching Kung Fu for over 20 years, and I have a large number of private and class-based students who have been training with me for many, many years.

Beginners are very welcome to train immediately and ongoing at my Shaolin Five Animals class - there are no gradings in classical Kung Fu, so you are under no pressure to have to catch up or be moved through too quickly, for the sake of a certificate. There are thousands of techniques in Kung Fu, and an enormous amount of adaption takes place as you progress as a student, meaning the structured brick walls of a grading process merely holds back your learning and long term development.

Our mission statement is to teach classical Kung Fu the way it was passed down from our teacher's, teacher's teacher, to promote the health and fitness benefits along with the real life self-defense application of a martial art form that has no rules. This is not a sport. The true terminology for Chinese martial arts, Wushu, means 'war art', and Kung Fu means 'skill', and Spectrum respects both terms with equal measure.

Club address: Dean Close Sports Centre, Shelburne Road, Cheltenham, GL51 6HE

How to get there: Parking is available on premises and Shelburne Road. The centre is also easily accessible via the 'D' bus route.

The Studio: Follow the stairs up to the first floor and turn left. Separate male and female changing facilities available on ground floor.

Costs: No joining fee until 1st September 2019. No grading fees. All classes are £10 per session (excluding Closed Door Advanced and Private Tuition).

If you have any questions, about the advanced or beginners timetable, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via or 07554 410494.

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