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New Club T-Shirt Stock

Updated: May 17, 2023

A quick message to confirm that a new batch of the black embroidered t-shirts (aka Official Club T-shirt) has arrived.

They are still the same previous price, just £12 each. All students will need to wear this club t-shirt as part of class room uniform.

As you know, Spectrum is an ethical business. I don't charge for unnecessary gradings, 'licences' or 'memberships', so t-shirts are the only additional costs for students (then you can easily replace once they get a bit worn!).

Please check your chest measurement vs the size guide below.

Any previous clothing bought i.e. vest tops, hoodies, or sleeveless tops are perfectly ok for private lessons, however group classes are the sleeved and embroidered t-shirts only. We also have very limited stock of the additional items available here.

You can place an order during classes or private lessons, or message me directly.


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